Whether you are a skin and hair care industry veteran or just starting out, you may need an expert's guidance on the latest insider insights into white label manufacturing.

How do you build a profitable and efficient product and brand? How can you reduce your cost and increase profitability year after year? How do you best navigate the import process to ensure timely delivery of your products?

 Schwartz Natural Cosmetics is an industry leader in natural hair and skin care products. We have decades of experience building private label and contract manufacturing lines for companies around the globe, with an emphasis on natural and vegan products. We are dedicated to creating innovate hair and skin care from the best natural ingredients. In a custom production review with our export manager, we will review your specific production goals and provide recommendations for improving your current production process or building a new one.



Providing you with new and exciting ideas for new products & product lines
Considering which products best work for your market
Receiving expert budgeting for white label line, product design, and more
Learning about the profitability of importing and working with a contract manufacturer


We Offer:

Schwartz Natural Cosmetics is your expert for private label and contract manufacturing. From in-house formulation, to blending, manufacturing, bottling, and label design Schwartz create high quality & unique skincare, haircare, and beauty products. Schwartz is GMP and ISO 9001 certified for both branded production and contract/private label manufacturing.


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